Festive salad whip up!

Festive salad whip up!


  1. Crab sticks 250 gr.
  2. 4 eggs
  3. Orange 1 pc.
  4. Canned corn 250 gr.
  5. Mayonnaise 5 tbsp. lies.
  6. Salt to taste to taste
  • Main Ingredients
  • Serving 6 servings


a spoon,


Cut crab sticks into rings 5 ​​mm thick. Boil the eggs and cut into small cubes. Peel the orange from the peel and films and cut into a thickness of about 1 cm.
We spread all the ingredients in a salad bowl, add corn, a pinch of salt, season with mayonnaise and mix gently. You can add an extruded clove of garlic to the salad.