Salad "Guests on the doorstep." Tasty in simplicity!

Salad "Guests on the doorstep." Tasty in simplicity!


  1. smoked chicken breast 200 gr.
  2. hard cheese 100 gr.
  3. eggs 3 pcs.
  4. Korean carrots 60-70 gr.
  5. 1/2 onions green onions
  6. salt to taste
  7. mayonnaise to taste
  • Main Ingredients Carrot, Chicken, Eggs, Cheese, Greens


cutting board, knife, grater, bowl, spoon


1) 200 gr. smoked chicken breast cut into a cube.

2) 100 gr. grated hard cheese on a grater for carrots in Korean.

3) 3 boiled eggs, cut into cubes.

4) Finely chop a half bunch of green onion.

5) Also, for salad, carrots in Korean 60-70 gr.

6) Salad can be collected in layers or as I combine all the ingredients in a bowl, salt to taste and season with mayonnaise.

7) Dear friends, such a salad can be safely prepared on the holiday table, laying out the necessary ingredients in layers, it will look very nice! Also in mayonnaise you can add a few cloves of garlic for poignancy. Experiment, and let your dishes always be the most delicious!