Cheese cakes. Quick breakfast with a bang

Cheese cakes. Quick breakfast with a bang


For cooking:

  1. flour 1 tbsp. (160 g)
  2. milk 1 tbsp.
  3. Suluguni cheese 300 gr.
  4. eggs 2
  5. salt pinch
  6. cooking oil
  7. a glass of 250 ml
  • Main ingredients Eggs, Cheese, Flour


mixing bowl, whisk, pan, cheese grater


Rub cheese on a coarse grater.

In a convenient container, mix the eggs and salt, pour in the milk, mix.

In flour, in 2-3 doses, pour the egg-milk mixture and mix until a homogeneous consistency without lumps.

Add the grated cheese and mix, the dough is ready.

Lubricate the preheated pan with vegetable oil.

Pour a small amount of dough and smooth. The diameter of my pan is 20 cm.

Fry over low heat until browned, turn over and fry on the other side. Can cover. So fry all the cakes.

Ruddy cheese cake just melts in your mouth. It is prepared quickly and pleases with an excellent taste.

Details and cooking details can be found in a short video recipe.

Enjoy your meal!